Sonntag, 28. April 2013


I found another self made lamp in the flat! Again one that produces no usable light. ;-)

As we went to the big garden center to buy all the eucalyptus seed pods for this monster, I ran in this, a big 1 meter diameter iron circle with a simplified flower motiv. After taking it home without really knowing what to do with it, I got my hands on a few high quality Osram SMD LEDs.

After a few hours work, I've rigged all the LEDs to the circle using the frame as ground. Only one wire is necessary to every LED, the wiring is nearly invisible.

The light has a strange opaque quality. It looks a bit like frosted glas is right under the frame. Sadly in the last years the lamp lost one of its 'leafs' (upper right) which I ascribe to damaged wiring.

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