Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017

Soon: home automation


We bought a home and are busy renovating for month now. I will eventually start to post more again, presumably over home automation stuff. ^^

The pic shows my test of an 40 year old thermostat driving an equally old air-valve for our heating system. 

Montag, 5. Juni 2017

More power!

I'm was not publishing that much over the last few month. That doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything though.

This is a project which I wanted to finish in March - that means before we started our camping trip to Corsica. I didn't because I was a bit spooked by the amperage a 800W inverter can draw and wanted to do it right. But now it's done.

You are looking at the plug and operating panel of the 220V inverter I put into our car. I used a AEG ST 800 inverter with has this handy remote control panel. It's placed under the driver seat of our Mercedes Viano (2006). The inverter has a fan which nicely matches up with cooling vents under the seat, and its right beside the car battery so it's in the perfect place.

The electrics are as follows:
- 10mm2 wire from the battery to a 50A fuse
- from there over 6mm2 to a relay connected to the switch
- the relay switches the inverter and the usb charger, which lights up when switched on (power light)

The cooling vents in the seat were handy, but they were only present in the metal box below the plastic covers... so I lasercut some vents in them (to the right). The plastics material was PP.

Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017


An old buzzsaw in a workshop at a mountain farm in eastern tyrol in Austria.
Made with my Pentax 645N.

Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Furious dice bag

A friend of mine started a new Youtube channel(-> here) about his pen-and-paper RPG endeavours. In fact, he already has such a channel (-> here), but the new one if in english for a broader reach.

Anyway, I like when people do something other than sit in front of Facebook, so I made him a gift:

A leather dice bag, made with the laser cutter in the MunichMakerLab!
The first leather dice bag I made... and it kinda sucks! :-D

I wanted to engrave his new logo, sadly I didn't watch the paths and didn't realise that the thick black areas were lots of paths side by side. So the laser penetrated not just engraved. Well it still holds together but I don't know how long
Second, the rope doesn't glide. I sew a narrow strip of leather together and wanted to turn it out... didn't work, to narrow. I had no alternative, so I put it in like that.

With all that I forgot to make nice endings for the rope, so I set four stitches by hand to just fold it over.

Meh, could be worse. Next one will be better!