Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Furious dice bag

A friend of mine started a new Youtube channel(-> here) about his pen-and-paper RPG endeavours. In fact, he already has such a channel (-> here), but the new one if in english for a broader reach.

Anyway, I like when people do something other than sit in front of Facebook, so I made him a gift:

A leather dice bag, made with the laser cutter in the MunichMakerLab!
The first leather dice bag I made... and it kinda sucks! :-D

I wanted to engrave his new logo, sadly I didn't watch the paths and didn't realise that the thick black areas were lots of paths side by side. So the laser penetrated not just engraved. Well it still holds together but I don't know how long
Second, the rope doesn't glide. I sew a narrow strip of leather together and wanted to turn it out... didn't work, to narrow. I had no alternative, so I put it in like that.

With all that I forgot to make nice endings for the rope, so I set four stitches by hand to just fold it over.

Meh, could be worse. Next one will be better!