Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Kitchen bench

We bought a nice, loungy corner bench for our kitchen about 6 years ago from Möbelum. Very solid construction, all solid beech. Sadly, the faux leather coat startet to disintegrate a few month ago.

Not ready to buy a new one, and in the certainty that a professional job would cost more than the bench, we bought the material to make the new coving ourselves.

The material we bought is a brown course weaved mix out of linen and polyester, coated with Teflon for added dirty resistance. We bought about 10 square meters.

My father has some experience with furniture coatings and together we got the work done, stretched over 3 evenings and mornings (maybe 8 hours in total).

The result is better as one could expect, seen that neither of us ever did such a big job. We messed up the top connection between the short and the long piece (folded each side the other way round), buts thats mostly it.

The really tricky part was the corner and I think we did that admirably! :-D