Sonntag, 23. August 2015

First experiment in lasercutting leather

Another MuMaLab member demonstrated to me how easy it is to laser cut leather. I love leather as a material and wanted to try it myself.

This is my first try, a protective mobile sleeve made out of a thin, soft leather in blue-green. I designed the pattern in OpenSCAD and made it able to adapt to different phone sizes.

I ordered the material of eBay and made the cut on the Lasercutter in the MuMaLab.

The trick is to cut the holes with the cutter as well. That way, you don't need a sewing machine (or the skill to use it) just a needle and some time. I took about 30 minutes to sew the parts together.

You can find the file on Thingiverse. Or if you want to replicate my effort, go to Instructables.

Montag, 3. August 2015

Mac powered drill

I have a very nice Bosch power drill, but that spends most of it time in the Munich Maker Lab as of late, and I needed one for a project asap.

I had a crappy one with a broken battery, and I had an old Macbook battery with one broken cell. So I did the obvious thing, I ripped the working cells out of the MB battery (in which everything was glued together *grrrr*), assembled a 3S lipo pack compatible with my rc lipo charger and transplanted that into the old battery box.