Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

The old man of Storr

A picture I made a few years ago on the Isle of Sky. This rock needle is the Old man of Storr (or Bodach an Stòir in galic) and is dozens of meters high.

The weather was great for b/w photography. The clouds changed all the time, the sun was shining... Awesome day. =)

(+50 geek point for anyone who recognized this thing as one of the first locations of Prometheus)

More pics...

Sonntag, 24. März 2013

35mm spiral lamp

I just finished a new lamp made out of a single long unbroken 35mm film strip.

After reading about something similar on Hackaday IkeaHackers, I went on eBay to get some old film. This (a trailer of Zathura for 5€) arrived this weekend and I got strait to work.

I used the transportation holes to sew the film strips to each other with fishing line. This was really slow work, took me over 6 hours to get it up to a height of 70 cm with an diameter of 22 cm.  I used an old Ikea Storm lamp that I had in the attic as the frame. The paper shade was torn apart and the first and the bottom two rings were reused as bottom and parts of the top.

The pictures were made with a 60W 'retro-style' lightbulb inside that produces quite dim and yellow light. The bulb has a long glow filament which produces these strange zigzag patterns on the wall. With a smaller, brighter light source or some well placed leds the pictures on the film could appear on the wall I think.

Its not really useable as a light source now. But thats ok, this thing is not meant to produce anything else then mood light after all.

I'm really happy with the result, I think it looks awesome!

I planned to make another, much bigger one but the sewing really takes ages. Maybe if I find a faster way to connect the strips I have a go again...

Oh and: Pictures are jpegs strait from the camera, no tampering with the colors, this is really what it looks. =)

Update: More pics!

Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

Gingerbread church

 My family had a contest who would build the greatest gingerbread house this christmas in 2008.

This was our entry, a small gingerbread chapel.

Everything was made by hand.

A few week before we baked a few cakes and cookies to find the right composition for the gingerbread dough (with a lot of honey, so it was dense and sticky) and try out all the pieces.

The foundation was a big 30cm long piece of said gingerbread with a marzipan overcoat, the walls were partly out of gingerbread and fruit bread brinks which we stacked into walls. We inserted handmade cookie window frames which were layered with red gelatine leafs to be translucent.

The roof was a big piece of florentine (really simple to bake oneself). Finally, the top of the tower was one massive piece of marzipan (which led to a slow collapse because of the weight).

A days work. But really worth it, great fun to make and jummy to boot. =)

Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Angry graffiti

Part of a phototour in the Olympic Village in munich.  More...

Most of my pictures are on G+, but I dislike this network more and more for showing them of. I have the feeling that most people don't even look at the big version of the pic. That would explain why so many crudly made sunrises with all the color and clarity dails turned to eleven have so many +1...

Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Trash monster

Just seconds after unpacking our new Wesco trashcan I was hacking away on its packaging to give it some teeth.

I really don't like feeding it.
Throwing away stuff is hard!

Bathroom makeover

We have a very small bathroom (barely 4,5 square meters) and were sick of looking at the old plastic-and-glass thing that held our towels. So we went out to Ikea to get some ideas.

First we introduced a new carpet matching the tiling. Than we looked for a replacement for the ugly glass rack. The space is really tight and has the connectors for a washing machine in the middle, we needed some way around that.

More here:

Mission statement

This blog will serve as my exhibition space.

This will include photography, electronics, objects and everything else that was produced by me, my mind and hands.
Stuff that I like and stuff that I hate can be found in my G+ stream.

To kickstart this I will start by posting some of my older stuff.