Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

Gingerbread church

 My family had a contest who would build the greatest gingerbread house this christmas in 2008.

This was our entry, a small gingerbread chapel.

Everything was made by hand.

A few week before we baked a few cakes and cookies to find the right composition for the gingerbread dough (with a lot of honey, so it was dense and sticky) and try out all the pieces.

The foundation was a big 30cm long piece of said gingerbread with a marzipan overcoat, the walls were partly out of gingerbread and fruit bread brinks which we stacked into walls. We inserted handmade cookie window frames which were layered with red gelatine leafs to be translucent.

The roof was a big piece of florentine (really simple to bake oneself). Finally, the top of the tower was one massive piece of marzipan (which led to a slow collapse because of the weight).

A days work. But really worth it, great fun to make and jummy to boot. =)

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