Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Kitchen ball lamp

I'm didn't realize how many lamps I made!

We wanted a cool looking lamp for our biggish kitchen and decided to build it ourself.

After getting inspiration in a big florist store, we bought a 40cm wooden ball made out of willow twigs and 5kg eucalyptus seed pods, found a strong brass chain in my fathers basement and got to work.

Thats the result shortly after hanging it up. The cables got sorted out as well. The photos show it with a 100W lightbulb which produced really awesome pattern everywhere but was sadly  completely unusable as a light source.

I installed a round fluorescent light instead, which produces enough light to light up the table below and does not throw shadows everywhere.

I think there is nothing in this flat (except maybe my girlfriend) thats more often photographed then this lamp.

I made the right one with my analog camera (Olympus OM-4 TI with 50mm 1.8).

A few more pictures and bigger resolutions...

2 Kommentare:

  1. Schade, dass die 100-W-Birne nicht funktioniert hat; das sah schon verdammt nach Alien-Ei aus ...

  2. Hat toll funktioniert, aber halt kein brauchbares Licht produziert. =)
    Ich hab mir auch überlegt einfach zwei Lichtquellen einzubauen, eine für Licht und eine für Effekt... aber habs keine schöne Lösung gefunden.