Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Wood, Foam and Tin

As written in my 'About me' I'm not completely subscribing the the geek denominator. But this is going deeply into nerd territory: I made myself a new a new case for my Warhammer 40k miniatures.

My friends and I started playing in the last millenium and it bubbles up again every year for a few weeks. I wanted a new case for some time but the ready made stuff is really expensive (and ugly). I decided to build a case myself and hunted down a wooded keyboard gig case on ebay. Very good quality, aluminum reinforced, lined with felt.

Then I went and bought some foam cut to the millimeter to fit to the case (here) and installed Inkscape to build some vectors for the laser cutter.

The lid is over 5cm deep so I planned to include model storage in there, too. I made a foam coated door out of dibond (plastic/aluminium composite) and hinged it inside the lid. To keep it closed I used a magnet harvested out of an old hard drive (see here).

Finished product:
- 107x36cm outer dimensions
- 6 removable trays
- perforated, configurable foam (for tanks and big stuff)
- lid with glued in grid and own door with magnetic lock (magnets out of hard drive)
- Total cost: around 80€

I now have storage for:
- 140 (lid) + 70 (trays) slots for normal models (5x2.5x3 cm)
- 50 slots for medium models (5.5x4x4 cm)
- 19 slots for large models (7.5x4x4 cm)
- 8 asymmetric slots for walkers (13x4-5.5x4 cm)
- perforated foam (50x34cmx5 cm)

It weighs a ton but as we are playing so little its no big hassle to lug it to the car once in a while. And there is a ton of space left. Should me last a while. =)

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