Freitag, 1. November 2013

Electrified living room table

We were lacking a living room table for some time now and stumbled upon a sale of 'Vika Veine' tables in our local IKEA. It's designed to be a small folding desk and does that job quite nicely. It even has a hole for running cables inside.

We didn't like the legs IKEA offered for it and bought heavy 40cm black ones at a hardware store. They are kinda cool as they come in different length but all have the same screw-on base. So we can just change the legs and use it as an extension for our kitchen table.

Anyway, I wanted to store all my game controllers and remotes inside. I really wanted to charge them in it as well. I could use the useful hole in the bottom of the plate to run a extension inside whenever I need it, but that would be awkward and boring. So I did what everyone would do - ripping an old vacuum cleaner apart!

The automatic cable reel I found in its guts is perfect for putting in a corner in the table. It's the kind that has a pushable brake to prevent reeling the cable in (as opposed to the kind where you pull a little bit to loosen it). I fastened a short lanyard on it and modified a 3-outlet adapter to work as a small power strip. Sadly I messed up and put it to close to the hydraulics. Oh well...

The table has enough space for all my controllers and other related stuff. I can charge everything inside and when done, just pull on the lanyard and reel the power cord back inside and out of the way. Very cool result for 50€ in parts and an old vacuum. =)

2x PS3, 3x X360,  2x OUYA, 2x Wii

 More pics here.

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