Samstag, 6. April 2013

Bathroom lighting

Our old mirrored bathroom cabinet had two halogen spot lights on top which where failing.
I love the light temperature halogen lights produce, but wanted to replace these lamps with something more progressive.

I took a 500x10x10 mm aluminium U profile and glued a cheap 12V white LED strip into it. Then I took two of these and used one of the old halogen mountings to fasten them to the cabinet. Done. =)

The light is a really blue white, and exactly the opposite I normally like. I think everything looks like a car commercial in this light. Maybe I replace it if I find something more my color.

Nevertheless, I like that there are no shadows anymore (good for shaving) and it really looks cool. =)

Material cost: 15€


  1. Clublights! :D
    Sieht sehr cool aus, aber ich frage mich ob man da sich richtig betrachten kann drin. Sonst endet das noch so: ;P

  2. Ne, sieht von vorn nur so aus. Hab noch mal eins von der Seite gemacht.
    Dadurch das die LEDs in dem Aluprofil liegen ist der Abstrahlwinkel auf ca 60° eingeschränkt. Macht als da hell wo es hell sein soll. =)